Watson-Britt Engineering LLC evolved from an engineering division of a septic tank manufacturer that wanted to streamline the permitting process associated with aerobic treatment units that they manufactured. This would allow for a faster turn around and increase sales. After some time there was an opportunity to expand the services and increase profits by offering more engineering services like civil projects such as land development, environmental permitting, and other wastewater projects.

This building process went on for three years until it came to a point that the division could support itself and become a limited liability corporation. With hard work and a passion for high quality prompt service while maintaining the highest professional ethics Watson-Britt Engineering LLC was formed. The corporation has a desire to fill a need for fast, high quality, and personal service that some larger companies cannot provide.

The onsite wastewater program consists of low pressure septic systems and performance based aerobic treatment systems that meet advanced secondary treatment standards. Our firm has designed over 500 of these systems. Clients range from single family homes to large commercial centers with daily flows less than 10,000 gpd. The list is extensive therefore if examples are needed they can be provided on a case by case reference.

The commercial program deals with wastewater plants from 2,500 gpd to 1.1 million gpd of
domestic high strength waste. Currently we have an 18,000 gpd hotel/restaurant in YeeHaw
Junction Florida- Venture Inn permitted. A 60,000 gpd repair and expansion for a mobile
home park in Ocala. In south Florida there is an existing WWTF that is failing in nitrates being discharged over permitted limits. We designed an advanced biological nitrogen reduction addition to fit in the plant without taking it out of service.

Our firm also handles WWTF permit renewals, lift station design, sewer layouts and
connections, jack & bore and directional drill permitting. We are the engineer record for a biosolids treatment plant. This includes sampling and permit compliance.

The surface water section deals with surface water projects from design, compliance,
management and remediation/reclamation. Land development, mine reclamation, and dredge
and fill projects fall under this category.

Our firms experience is based on 25 years of civil engineering practice. The staff has mining experience, environmental permitting, waste management, dam design, construction
management, and wetland design.